Friday, February 28, 2014

1 year, 13,412 miles,13 states and 4 National Parks later.................

How time does fly when you are having FUN!  As we reflect back on our first year of full-timing, we are totally amazed at our journey thus far.  One year ago this morning we were leaving Melbourne, Florida on I-95 northbound, "Westward Ho, Oregon or Bust!"
Good-bye Florida

Our goal was to arrive at Leslie's parents home in Clackamas County, Oregon for Mother's Day, May 12th.  We planned to arrive a few days early so we could park our rig at the BLM day use site 20 miles east on Mt. Hood, where we were going to be Camp Hosts for the summer, at our first Workamping 'job'.
                               Hello Oregon, Mt. Hood and Mirror Lake

On our quest across the country, we had family and friends to visit, an RV DREAMS Rally we had registered for in mid March in Elephant Butte, New Mexico and numerous places chosen to explore.  We were also VERY EXCITED to try boondocking for our very first time!

                              First time boondocking in New Mexico

So, why and how did we arrive at this position in our lives?  Going from a 'normal', all-American life in a 4/3 sticks and bricks home within walking distance of the warm, tropical Atlantic Ocean, a sailboat, two cars, Chris' contract management job where he worked 9-9s, but 11 hour days, including his 1 hour commute to and from work.  Leslie giving up her small business she had spent 19 years building, and enjoying. Leaving family and friends?  Well, honestly, it was Scary, with a capital S! But looking back now at our incredible year, we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! After a tremendous amount of research and more research, we laid our plans, and once it all fell into place, we realized it was meant to be.
Three little sayings helped us immensely and kept us on track when fear and skepticism tried to sneak up on us.

1.  A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.


2.  We Cannot Discover New Oceans If We Are Not Willing To Leave The Shore.

3.  less is more....

So we took that single step and left the shore and had much more,  and here we are today........NO  looking back............whatsoever!

With our blog we hope to share with family and friends where we are and what we are doing. (to a certain degree)  If along the way we can inspire other RV Dreamers or help answer questions or share experiences and information, meet new people and make new friends, then, 

So, here we are currently in Boulder City, Nevada, where we will be happily reminiscing and celebrating our 1 year anniversary  "on the road", all day and evening.  It is a very special day for us and we are very happy, very healthy, and very very grateful.   No matter where we are, it's just

                            Our Lake Mead view in Boulder City, Nevada