About Us

CHRIS – A 3rd   generation native Floridian, raised in the small town of Largo, FL.  Largo is  just  a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico, so most of the time was spent at the beach enjoying the sun,  sand and water. After all the beach play, I spread out my college days attending FSU for an AS, UF for a BS in ‘Computer ‘Science, and FIT for a Masters in ‘Systems Management’.  Then over the next 30+ years I would hold 6 IT jobs, mostly in Florida.
(Go Gators)
LESLIE – Grew up in Oregon, 20 miles east of Portland.   Joined  the  U.S. Navy after high school, because I wanted an “Adventure”, not just a job.    After  5  years  in  my  ‘adventure’  and 7  more years of government service with the FAA,  I ended up on the Space Coast of Florida, loving that sun and warm Atlantic Ocean.  I started a very small business which I built, babied and loved until Chris and I began our new journey as RVNomads2too.
(Go Ducks)

US - So,  how  did we end up living and traveling the US in an RV?  Well, it was not something we had always been thinking about and in fact we only started planning our adventure three years prior.   The catalyst for the change was Chris worked on a government contract at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, and the contract was winding down.  So the natural question was what to do after it ends?  After over 30 years in IT business,   getting   another   IT   9-5 job   was not  in  the cards.  Also, Leslie wanted to spend more time near her aging and health- declining   parents   and  other   family members near Portland, Oregon, besides  more time with Chris.  Eleven  hour  work  days  didn’t  leave  much ‘us’ time.  So  we  started  talking  about  possibly  traveling  to Oregon and exploring  the US  and  West in an RV.  Traveling was one of our shared passions, so why not travel in our own magnificent country and see some of the places we had only read and dreamed about.  We started checking out RVs and reading blogs  about  others   living this  life style. The life style appealed to us, so we put together an incremental plan.   First we would sell the house , down size  dramatically  and  move  into temporary  living  until finding  our  RV.   The house sold quickly,  thankfully,  and  we  rented  an  oceanfront  condo  to enjoy our last fill of  beach life  for a while.  That year in the condo we researched and researched everything we could find about RVs and full-timing in an RV, and then we researched some more.  We purchased our first RV, a class A, gasser and took several local trips in it and learned a lot.  We then attended a  Workamper  Rendezvous  in Heber Springs, AR and really learned a lot about the rig, workamping,  RVing and full-timing.  We realized we could live in this smaller space together, and happily.  We also decided we wanted a  diesel  engine  for  our  travels  West.  Again, we did a tremendous amount of research on different diesels.  We traded in our class A and purchased a 5th wheel and diesel truck. Next,  we   moved into a local RV park and continued working and saving every penny we could, waiting for our journey to begin.
Chris was laid off from his job in October 2012.  We had executed our plan, including set things in place for the next job reduction on the contract, and only hoped Chris would be included – Success!    Sweet! We spent the next few months enjoying the holidays with family and friends while we tied up remaining loose ends.

On February 28, 2013 we began our new life as full-time   RVers.  It was almost 3 years in the making, but finally that day had arrived and we were Ready to begin our new journey, and so it began…………………..Westward Ho, Oregon or Bust!

Our objective with this blog is to share with family and friends who are interested, where we are and what we are doing.  Of course, fellow RVers are Welcome as well.  Please feel free to come along for the ride and share with whom ever you like.

Some of our passions:

scuba diving
snow skiing
exploring and adventures
watching movies
making beer
wine tasting
keeping our bodies healthy
bike riding
renovating anything and everything
ping pong